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Quick, accurate, quality language services for everyone.

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Languages or history – quality, personalized educational material. Even for graduation exams.


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Do you want to know where you are from? We will help you do the research!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose You?

Because we provide quality and accurate services – even with short deadlines. Our main profile is translation between Hungarian, English, Polish and Italian but with the help of external partners we accept projects in other languages. Our educational services also vary on a wide range – from hobby language learning to preparing for the history graduation exam. The lessons are always interesting and diverse. Put as to the test, contact us now!

I want to get translated a onne-page-long document. Can I turn to you?

Of course! There are no such things as too short or too long texts. Naturally the deadline depends on the length of the text, but regardless, for us all projects are equally important. Click on the “Contact us” button below and we can discuss the rest.

Can I give you the material in person?

Of course! You can give us the text you want to get translated in person or send it online via one of our contact details. We will also inform you about your options when we get in touch with you.

I work a lot and don’t have much free time, but I want to learn a language. Is this possible?

Definitely possible! We personalize the curriculum for each student and we are also prepared for when someone has less time to study. But you are needed for the success as well! We pass on the knowledge to you, and all you need to do is learn it. Contact us for more details.

How are you teaching methods different from others?

The basis of our educational philosophy is that learning should also be fun. Therefore, we always try to include some cultural and other curiosities in our lessons, so that they are not only sets of dry data. This also makes learning the study material easier. For more information contact us!

What is your guarantee for quality job?

Many of our costumers have already confirmed their satisfaction. You can find some of them here, on our website. Upon request we can send you a reference work, so you can see it for yourself. You can request this when contacting us.

What happens if the received translation is not correct?

In such an unlikely and unfortunate case, we of course will do the correction for free. The most important is our costumer’s satisfaction, therefore we will do everything we can to make our cooperation beneficial for everyone. We will inform you about this in advance, when you contact us.

Can you provide an invoice?

Of course! We always invoice for our services, be it translation, education or family tree research. The exact details will be agreed upon during the contact.


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